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Faisal Ibrahim Al Shamali is a teacher and teacher trainer for more than 27 years. He got TEYL and E-Teacher Professional Development Certificates in 2010. He had "Shaping the Way We Teach English" certificate from Oregon University, USA, 2011. He got E-certificates in Webinars by Washington DC, American Embassy Jordan, etc. He has been teaching English Language since 1994 in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand. In 2004 and 2007, he held Mythology Festival in Jordan. He attends and presents papers at international conferences. He published papers in Universities proceedings, Websites and Omani Newspapers. Also, the papers are translated into Arabic and published in Omani Newspapers. He is a member in TESOL. He is joining an online course on: Shaping the Way We Teaching English by University of Oregon. Now, I am joining webinar series 2 and series 3 by Washington DC and webinar by American TESOL. Currently, he is appointed to be a team leader and global associate director for IETTI. @shamali288

A Training Workshop about: Edutainment for Teachers of School in Bahrain


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Using Storytelling in Classroom

What is storytelling? Storytelling is a skill that can be effectively directed to improve other skills, such as writing, grammar, listening and speaking. Donald Davis, a noted storyteller, teaches storytelling as a bridge between a child’s ‘first language’ [gestures and … Continue reading

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Peer Observation

I myself believe in peer observation and I suggest this for teacher of English Language to take the step further for implementing PO in our institutes if we actually seek real PD. We either forget or neglect the salience peer … Continue reading

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Finally I Did It

My name is Musallum. I was in level One in FPU. I studied Speaking course with Mr. Faisal. I want to tell you about my story clearly and honestly. At the very scratch, if I had to speak, I stood … Continue reading

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Using Songs in the Classroom: Learning Opportunity

On a regular basis to exchange didactic and pedagogic ideas, concerns and insights, teachers use songs in language teaching for several reasons. One of the main reasons is the friendly atmosphere songs create in the classroom. A teacher of English … Continue reading

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All Positive Reflections

I have been presenting at and participating in RSCON3 on July 29, 30 and 31. I found it very enjoyable. It really gave me a solid foundation of the many facets of teaching English to young learners. Also, it brought … Continue reading

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