Finally I Did It

My name is Musallum. I was in level One in FPU. I studied Speaking course with Mr. Faisal. I want to tell you about my story clearly and honestly. At the very scratch, if I had to speak, I stood with my mouth open, waiting for some simple words to form and spill out. But it rarely happened to me. This is because my every single inch of body was frozen. So I nodded a lot and said” I can’t” and “I wasn’t you”. “It would never happen to me”. My dear” Don’t say this” One day you will do it willy-nilly” I bet you “but “ keep this in your mind, this will happen if you yourself want to speak. It is your determination”.
Next class, Musalum was absent. I asked the students if anybody knew why he was absent. Really I felt guilty that I was behind this. Next week Musallum was absent for the second time and I asked who knew why he was absent. Nobody knew. I was thinking curiously why he was absent. Something whispered “it’s you.”
Next class, Musallum came to the class so l felt happy because I will never forgive myself for this. “Musallum, Are you ok?” I asked him. In a low voice “yes” he answered. “Why were you absent for two successive classes?” “Is there anything happened to you?” I asked him eagerly. He burst in tears “Sometime I have to cave myself in my home and sit with myself for hours” I have double whammy. I want to speak and I have to but what came out was babbling and stammering. I always screw up and get really nervous”. “Sir, I want to say something, anything, well of course everything but disjointed thoughts left me red faced… sweating…incredibly embarrassed… desperately hoping the floor would open up and swallow me” “it is ok, Musallum” Don’t say this. Once all what you’ve said, all what you’ve felt happened to me and could happen to anyone inside and outside this class just to let him relax and relieve but what did I do to overcome it and succeed” It is a matter of “swim or sink” “Now Musallum, you sink but when you care about this, study hard and you will walk in it and swim, you see it is so simple just give me a silent promise and feel fearless.” “Please, Musallum, go home and be safe.” “But keep this in your mind that this fear is easy to face, because there isn’t any mortal danger.”
“Mussalum, could you pay me a visit to my office?” I asked him and without hesitant “sure, sir.” I tried my best to simplify things to him and relax him, saying to him” oneday you will be a good speaker.” “Sure, sir” he answered. And let me tell you the following: with practice, you will be confident. You need a supportive environment not only inside my office but outside the university even if with your other self. You have to benefit from each opportunity to hone your skills, and then you will find yourself looking forward to speaking and enjoying it, really.
Mussalum, remember that when you are standing in front of the class, the main fear mantra that might be playing in your head is” what will they think of me?” This is tricky and you have to realize what is in your control and what isn’t. Other people thoughts and ideas are not in your control and worrying about this is a waste of time and energy. When you are to speak, you are in control of yourself and yourself alone. When you speak in front of the class, “it’s the YOU show” where you are the star and everyone there is there to see you and your potential and all you have to do is to speak what they came to hear. Begin with confidence and master your speech, the focus is on you so hold your power: you are the king of their time to make their spent time valuable. If you fail for a moment and it could happen, pick up yourself and don’t leave a room for fear and nerves. You are great. You are enough. Be yourself, their leader, show them you are the boss and how could the boss behave in such handy situations. Now Musallum is in level Two. He is completely a different person. Really, he is a leader of his class to follow.


About shamali288

Faisal Ibrahim Al Shamali is a teacher and teacher trainer for more than 27 years. He got TEYL and E-Teacher Professional Development Certificates in 2010. He had "Shaping the Way We Teach English" certificate from Oregon University, USA, 2011. He got E-certificates in Webinars by Washington DC, American Embassy Jordan, etc. He has been teaching English Language since 1994 in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand. In 2004 and 2007, he held Mythology Festival in Jordan. He attends and presents papers at international conferences. He published papers in Universities proceedings, Websites and Omani Newspapers. Also, the papers are translated into Arabic and published in Omani Newspapers. He is a member in TESOL. He is joining an online course on: Shaping the Way We Teaching English by University of Oregon. Now, I am joining webinar series 2 and series 3 by Washington DC and webinar by American TESOL. Currently, he is appointed to be a team leader and global associate director for IETTI. @shamali288
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